So I’ve been pretty quiet the last month or so.  That’s due to a number of things, namely, the birth of our new daughter Lucy.  In addition to the wealth of joy she brings, she also carries with her a sleep sledgehammer, squashing attempts at slumber at every turn.

However, the other big addition is, drum roll please,  A good friend of mine from high school sought me out wanting to help me with some web design stuff and voila, thus is born my own website.  Mad props to my friend, Miami-based webdesigner and photographer extraordinaire Marlon Richardson.  The NathanRouse site needs a few more tweaks here and there, but overall is up and running.  And, with any luck, it’s just the beginning of the Nathan Rouse web presence getting poised to crack the internet in half.

You’ll note that the look of this site, the blog, has changed lately as well – to more sync up with the look and design of

So there you have it, my little corner of the world wide web just got a little bigger.  Tell your friends. Go check it out and then come back here to leave comments.

Much love!

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3 Responses to it’s here… i present to you,

  1. Lauren Simmons Jones says:

    Hey Nathan,

    What a dazzling website you have. You know, I think I saw the Bojangles commercial at some point and thought to myself…”That guy reminds me of Nathan Rouse.” Your outtakes had me in tears.

    Have fun with Lucy and I hope you get some sleep soon.

  2. Jef Holbrook says:


    Hey, it’s great to see you getting so much work, man! And to have a baby must be incredible. Wow. Things are going your way! Maybe we could link to each other? I’m on (yeah, one “f”, long story). So are you booking these gigs on your own or via an agent?

    Anyhoo, you asked for feedback on your cool new site, so here goes…

    Ok, enjoyable website! But, some possible browser issues…
    On a Mac running Leopard and browsing with both Safari 3 and Firefox 3, nothing shows up in the main grey space until I click on a photo. The same issue exists on the iPhone/iPod Touch browsers, of course, since they are just Mobile Safari. Since the photos are clickable, I see that it could be possible that this is intentional… but why not have one of those awesome promo photos of you as the bkg image instead of blank grey?

    Beyond that, the site is great! Pro looking colors, good link structure. I wonder why there isn’t a more blatant link to Headshot/Resume and one consolidated reel (although I enjoy the freedom to watch selected commercials, gold star. Why not just have both?) I would also recommend a YouTube channel or some YouTube postings. This way if you get “googled” samples of your work show up right away!

    Probably more feedback than you wanted, but please feel free to tear apart if you’d like, it’d be helpful to have feedback! One of the fun things on my site is it loads a random image of a show i’ve done every time you visit.

    Super excited about your career and life path these days! Get out there and kick some butt, man.


  3. Jef Holbrook says:

    Lol, I retract my YOuTube comment, seeing your YouTube postings now. “My bad!”

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