I don’t know if I’ll regret sharing this link or not, but check out VideoResumeCharlotte.com for the official footage that the outtakes I shared a few weeks ago are from.  For the complete Nathan goodness, you can see me by clicking  home, level 1, level 2 and level 3.


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3 Responses to remember those outtakes? here’s where they’re from

  1. Shannon Dew says:

    you look all corporate…

  2. bwoth says:

    presentation is everything.

  3. jasongoodnight says:

    Nathan!!! I have been missing you… so now I can hang out with you anytime what a great idea. Maybe we can make vitual communities where you pop up on the screen and encourage me… or maybe we can have personal video messages from God. Hi I’m Jason and today October 8th I feel like the Lord is telling you to be encouraged love your neighbor and pay your tithes to http://www.jas…... Great idea huh??? Well Nathan me and you will be hanging out a lot more than you know now. Thanks!!!

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