I like to stay up late generally.  If I had my druthers I would be up til about 3 every night and be able to get up at, say 8, and face the day alert and rested.  That’s a tall order without a baby.

Enter Lucy.

Lucy went for her one month doctor’s appointment last week and overall is doing rather well.  Though still on the small end of the continuum, she is exhibiting positive growth (she weighed in at 6 lb, 13, oz – a solid 2 lbs more than her birth weight) and has a little larger noggin than normal (a-thank you), so all told she is doing quite well.

Oh yeah, except for that thing where for the last two weeks or so she screams hysterically several hours throughout the day, typically in the midnight to 4 am area.  There is no worse feeling than the sound of your 5 week old screaming and screaming to the point that she is hoarse and then screaming some more and not having any clue what to do about it.

Her doctor suggested, and based on our Good Parent Follow-Up Research we tend to agree, that Lucy is suffering some serious acid reflux.

All that to say that we went and picked up some medicine just today that will, dearLordJesusplease, cure Lucy of her refluxing ways.  Though I’m sure at some point in the not too far-flung future there will be another malady designed to worry parents and induce premature graying.  But until then at least, hopefully reflux is down for the count.

Ah, the joys of parenting.

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One Response to refluxing the night away

  1. Meridith C says:

    There will always be something. =) It does get easier though. Reflux, as you know, was a big one for us. I hope the meds works.

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